We offer consignment too!
If you are not in a hurry to sell or would like a little more for your item, then consignment sounds like the perfect option for you .
We will agree of a price with you for the sale of your item and you will get 70% of the final sale price paid to you when the item sells.
Your item will be photographed by our professional photographer and put on our website for sale, the item will then be kept in one of our boutiques or showrooms and will be advertised across our diverse social media platforms.
If the item doesn’t sell after 3 months a reduction of 10 or 15% will be applied to the item and be kept for another 3 months for sale at the reduced price.

The small print:
If consignment is agreed between the client and Poshbags London, the client will send the item at an address given at the time of the agreement.
A consignment agreement form will be sent to the client and will need to be signed by both parties.
Poshbags London will then take full responsibility of the item upon reception.
If the client does not agree to reduce the price of the item after 3 months of the item being on sale, the client can request for the item to be sent back to them (email confirmation requested) in that case, the client will assume the shipping costs back to them and the original shipping costs, plus a small admin fee of £20 (per item).
If the item is kept in our care for the extra 3 months at the reduced price and still doesn’t sell the shipping costs will all be assumed by Poshbags London.
When deciding of a sale price for the item, both parties will have an input , we ask our clients to please trust us and our years in the industry when we suggest a price for your item, this will insure a swift sale and happy customers all round.
Please be accurate when describing your item, any flaws, scratches, missing pieces or stains should be disclosed, this will allow us to be fully aware of the items we are accepting and save us having to return the item to you for not being as described, if this was the case please bare in mind all costs of shipping will be your responsibility.
We do accept all conditions, we can also do cleaning or repairs before the sale, in these instances the costs will be discussed before as these will always be at the client’s expense. We have good professional partnerships with reputable cleaning companies and we do get discounted prices for diverse repairs.

Kind regards,