The ULTIMATE investment buys: Ten designer pieces that will look great now (and could make you rich in the future!)

  • High-end clothing and accessories can make for excellent investments
  • Some must-have items have seen their value double over the last ten years
  • Here FEMAIL reveals the ten money-making designer pieces to snap up today

Property, stocks and gold have long been earmarked as good investments but an even better money-maker could be tucked away at the back of your wardrobe.

Clothing and accessories from the world’s top designers are more than just beautiful must-have items, they also accrue value over time.

An iconic Hermès  Birkin bag – as seen on the arm of Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum, among others – bought for £3,750 in 2007 would be worth nearly twice as much if sold second-hand today.

Meanwhile a Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag has seen its value skyrocket nearly 72 per cent between 2010 and 2015, research by Baghunter revealed.

And while only the well-heeled might already own one of these timeless pieces, Claudia Valentin, Designer Goods Expert at Prestige Pawnbrokers, has picked out 10 others that can still be snapped up – either in store or on pre-loved websites.

‘While it’s hard to say for definite what these items will be worth in the future – any investment comes with risk – you can look at their previous price jumps and see that they are relatively safe bets,’ she said.

Here FEMAIL reveals ten investment pieces to buy now – if you have the cash.

Chanel Jumbo Classic Timeless

Retail price in 2007 £1,800; second-hand price now £3,500

Classic: Fashion designer Nicole Richie, left, and actress Jessica Alba, right, are among the celebrities who have been snapped with a Chanel Timeless bag, which comes in several sizes

Name any celebrity and chances are there’s a photo of them online carrying a Chanel bag with pride – that golden chain strap has long been synonymous with the great and good.

Particular fans of the Timeless bag include Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba.

Classic: Fashion designer Nicole Richie, left, and actress Jessica Alba, right, are among the celebrities who have been snapped with a Chanel Timeless bag, which comes in several sizes

‘It’s called Timeless for a reason,’ says Claudia. ‘There have only been slight changes to the clasp since this was very first designed – it still has the same chain and buttery-soft leather that it always has.’

Rolex Submariner

Retail price in 2007 £2,000; second-hand price now £5,000

When it comes to Hollywood, Rolex has quite the pedigree.

Steve McQueen was rarely pictured without his trusty Submariner, and it’s the exact model worn by Sean Connery in Dr No – if it’s good enough for Bond, it’s good enough for us.

‘With Rolex – as with Cartier, Chanel and other big brands – you’re buying the name as much as anything,’ says Claudia.

‘The name stands for quality, and that’s why they hold their value so well.’

Iconic: David Beckham is among the stars who has been spotted with a Rolex watch

Cartier Love Bangle

Retail price in 2007 £3,500; second-hand price now £5,000

First seen at the tail end of the swinging sixties, Love Bangles show no sign of diminishing in popularity, and have graced the wrists of everyone from Pippa Middleton to Lindsay Lohan.

Claudia said: ‘Cartier pieces are heirlooms, designed to hand down through the generations. The brand is so well known and trusted that even second-hand pieces are worth a lot.’

Heirlooms: Pippa Middleton, left, and Katie Holmes, right, are both fans of the Love Bangle

Hermès  Birkin Handbag

Retail price in 2007 £3,750; second-hand price now £7,500

Famously created by Jane Birkin herself, after a chance meeting with Jean-Louis Dumas, who had recently taken over his family’s leather goods company, when she complained aloud that bags didn’t have enough pockets.

Handbag history was made, when the two designed the Birkin bag – now more famous than the actress herself.

‘Apart from the fact that this is a piece that goes with any outfit, it’s also wonderfully practical thanks to its numerous pockets,’ says Claudia.

Must-have: Models Heidi Klum, left, and Miranda Kerr, right, show off the Hermes Birkin bag

Hermès  Kelly Handbag

Retail price in 2007 £3,750; second-hand price now £7,500

Exclusive: Victoria Beckham proved her style credentials with the Hermès  Kelly in 2009 +13
Exclusive: Victoria Beckham proved her style credentials with the Hermès Kelly in 2009

It’s not hard to imagine why this bag has been so popular, thanks to its connections with style icon Grace Kelly, who loved the design so much she ordered six in different colours.

Thanks to her, it was often photographed in glossy magazines, clasped in her perfectly manicured hands.

‘This bag is special in part because of its exclusivity,’ says Claudia. ‘It can only be purchased in person from an Hermès boutique.’

Louis Vuitton Mirage Speedy 30 (limited edition)

Retail price in 2007 £400; second-hand price now £1,200

We’ve lost count of the number of celebrities touting these monogrammed bags – from Rihanna to Kim K, SJP to Lady Gaga, everyone wants to be seen bustling through the airport with this on their arm.

‘It’s a timeless style that’s not designed to be seasonal,’ says Claudia, ‘so, like all of these items, it won’t date.’

Exclusive: Victoria Beckham proved her style credentials with the Hermès  Kelly in 2009

Chanel women’s Tweed Jacket

Retail price in 2007 £1,000; second-hand price now £2,250

Versatile: Chanel has recreated its distinctive tweed jacket in a number of styles and colours over the decades. Pictured, Poppy Delevingne, left, and Kristin Scott Thomas in two designs

Loved by Miranda Kerr, Clemence Poesy, Kate Upton – and basically every model ever – this little boxy classic smacks of Audrey Hepburn glamour.

‘It’s all about power dressing,’ says Claudia, ‘This tweed jacket has been seen on powerful women, from Jackie O to Margaret Thatcher, so wearing it tells a story about how you see yourself.’

Gucci women’s ‘Peyton’ Embellished Riding Boots

Retail price in 2007 £400; second-hand price now £1,750

Edgy: Rita Ora in the short version of the Gucci Peyton boots, on sale now

Gucci loves its royal connections almost as much as its horsey ones – previously signing Charlotte Casiraghi, the granddaughter of Princess Grace of Monaco and superb horse rider, as a model – and its riding boots smack of Princess Anne and Zara Phillips at the polo.

They even sponsor their own riding event – the Gucci Masters – to attract the elite to their brand.

‘The subtle interlocked G’s on these boots are a way for the wealthy to show off their status without being garish, and they look good with most outfits,’ says Claudia.

Christian Dior Haute Couture Cocktail Dress

Retail price in 2007 £1,500; second-hand price now £3,000

Any haute couture cocktail dress from Christian Dior might as well be laced with gold – they’re worth lots to the right buyer thanks to their glamorous connections with red carpet big-hitters, from Jennifer Lawrence to Amal Clooney, and even Princess Diana wasn’t immune to their charms.

‘With haute couture you’re paying for the time and dedication of the craftsmanship,’ says Claudia, ‘many man-hours will have gone into each individual item, and you can see the quality instantly.’

Tiffany Solitaire Diamond Ring

Retail price in 2007 £8,000; second-hand price now £10,000

Timeless: Jennifer Lawrence, left in 2013, and Amal Clooney, right in 2015, are both fans of Dior. The French designer is known for creating elegant gowns that make perfect investments

Apart from the obvious Audrey Hepburn connection, Tiffany & Co has always had star power. Richard Burton bought Elizabeth Taylor a diamond and sapphire clip, while Marilyn Monroe name-checked the brand in Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.

‘Such a well-known, iconic brand is very unlikely to dip in value,’ says Claudia. ‘It’s still just as popular with celebrities today as it was back in the 1950s and 60s.’


Here, two experts offer advice to anyone thinking about curating an investment wardrobe.

Claudia Valentin said: ‘The main thing to remember is to keep items in tip-top condition, and keep any dust bags, boxes and paperwork safe, as they drop in value without these.’

Brand and Style Expert Nick Ede explained that jewellery and accessories are particularly good at holding their value as ‘one size fits all’.

He said: ‘While dresses, coats and shoes may be fabulous and are still collectors’ items, they may also be bought by people who want to wear them, so you’re more limited in your willing buyers than with a size-free accessory.’

But Nick also suggested shoppers interested in investing take a look at fast fashion, pointing to designer-high street tie-ins.

He said: ‘Items from H&M with Balmain were being sold for 10 times their RRP just days after they went on sale, so you need to consider whether your investment piece is a long-term classic or an instant must-have item.’

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